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HELPE Arta – Preveza, a 100% subsidiary of Hellenic Petroleum S.A., participates as Operator (100%) to the Lease Agreement with the Greek State for the onshore block of Arta-Preveza, a total area of 4.762,9 sq. km.

The Lease Agreement has been ratified by the Greek Parliament and has the force of Law (L. 4526/16.03.2018). According to the Agreement, there is an exploration period of seven (7) years, which is separated in three phases and in case of a commercial discovery there will be an exploitation period of hydrocarbons for twenty-five (25) years.

The main objective of HELPE Arta - Preveza, as a member of Hellenic Petroleum Group, is the exploration of hydrocarbons in the area of Arta - Preveza and their future exploitation in favor of the country and the local communities with fully respect to the environment and the local commercial or social activities. A key element of environmental policy is upholding Greek and European legislation, which is constantly reviewed and sets strictest environmental operation requirements.