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periballontikes draseis kai apotelesmata periballontikes draseis kai apotelesmata

In the period January - February 2016 HELPE completed with absolute success, complying fully with its commitment for zero environmental impact in the area of West Patraikos Gulf, specialized geophysical surveys. Prior to the commencement of work, HELPE secured all necessary permits for the execution of the project. During the surveys, the most up to date technological methods were applied, absolutely safe and environmentally friendly, with full respect for the local communities and their existing activities. As part of the geophysical surveys, a detailed environmental action plan was submitted and approved by the competent environmental authorities, adopting strict protection measures and actions for the protection of marine mammals and protected areas in the Western Patraikos Gulf.

During the surveys, on a daily basis, specialized scientists observed the wider area within a radius of 2 km for the presence of marine mammals, listening in parallel to the sounds of the sea for their early detection and immediate cease of operations within a protection zone of 750 m. In addition, in collaboration with the University of Patras, measurements of the noise levels were recorded in the wider region both before and during the surveys, but also after their completion, confirming the low noise levels generated by geophysical surveys.